Overbuying leads to waste. GoPantry can help. Know what you have. Know what you need. Know what to do with it. Be awesome at eating.
Phone, meet Pantry. Pantry, phone. With GoPantry, it just takes a quick glance to know what you already have at your fingertips. And our text recognition software means you never need to manually enter an item. Ever. Seriously, ever. Just how helpful can this be?
It all just works. Knowing what you have means GoPantry can learn what you need. Learning what you need means GoPantry can make your shopping list for you. It's smart enough to know the things you buy often, sometimes, or just that one time to impress your friends. So what else can it do?
A chef in your pocket. GoPantry can suggest recipes based on what you have at home, what's on your list, and maybe one or two last minute items you need to pick up while you're at the store. A couple taps and you can add all the recipe ingredients to your list. And that's not even all of it.
Ding. You need milk. Remember that time you were two minutes from your favorite artisinal dairy where you get to choose the cow they milk for you, but you didn't even know you needed milk? Yeah, well, so does GoPantry. Learning your eating habits means it will know when you need a little nudge to pick up one of your favorite items. And it can even send you a reminder when you're close to your favorite store (or artisinal dairy - it doesn't judge you).
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